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Best Regards Base Face Regimen Set

Our version of "Just Dew It". Following this simple daily skin care regimen, designed specifically for your normal to dry complexion, will give you the power to put your best face forward! This base set of four easy steps is the quickest yet most thorough and effective routine you can use. CLEANSE. TONE. TREAT. PROTECT.

Set includes:

CLEANSE: Best Regards Lait Pour Le Visage (Anti-Aging Milk Cleanser for Normal to Dry Skin)
This gentle and creamy hydrating cleanser will effectively remove make-up and debris without stripping essential moisture from your skin. With sunflower seed oil as its base, this formula adds regenerating, firming and moisturizing anti-aging properties to your daily cleansing routine. 3.38 fl. oz. e 100ml

TONE: Fleur Blanc Tonic (White Flower Toner)
Toning is the vital next step in the proper daily skin care treatment sequence. While moisturizing, soothing and toning the pores, the gentle astringent properties of this white lily infused tonic will leave skin perfectly clean and prepped for further treatments. Alcohol free and delicately refreshing, this tonic supports better cell exchange through strengthening and fortifying the skin, leaving your face soft and silky. 3.38 fl. oz. e 100ml

TREAT: Best Regards Sèrum Hydratant Pour Le Visage (Hydrating Anti-Aging Sèrum)
Awarded the prestigious "Victory in Beauty" award in Europe, this sèrum for the face is a truly comforting and healthy beauty treatment for dry and vulnerable skin. During the night, when your skin is most receptive, this sèrum repairs, regenerates and relieves. In the morning, your skin feels smooth, nourished and replenished from within. The natural acids - lactic, amino and hyaluronic - work together in perfect harmony to deliver optimal moisture to your skin, 24/7. 1.01 fl. oz. e 30ml

PROTECT: Best Regards Crème de Jour Dry Skin (Day Crème)
Effectively concentrated, this superb crème outperforms on many levels. Developed to protect skin from the daily aggravations that produce premature aging, it shields your skin from dryness with shea butter. A truly unique elixir with active hydro-regulating, nourishing and restorative plant extracts, it delivers lasting softness and supple texture via the water-capturing botanical ingredients. Encapsulated sun filters block out harmful UV rays without penetrating the skin's delicate surface. 1.01 fl. oz. e 30ml

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