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SNAPDRAGON Crème Pour Le Corps

Antioxidant-Rich Citrus Body Drench

Our top-selling SnapDragon Beauty Beverage turned artisanal muse for this deliciously antioxidant-rich citrus body drench that satiates skin in nourishing hydration spiked with anti-aging mixers. A curative cocktail for your exterior, SnapDragon Crème Pour Le Corps intoxicates the epidermis with a freshly squeezed aroma and marine-and-botanical blend that helps firm and guard against aging.

Regenerative retinol, restorative marine collagen and Acai-derived citroflavonoids work together to reduce free radical damage and boost collagen formation while jolting skin cells back into top shape. The reawakened cells trigger a physiological chain reaction that leads to visibly healthier, toned, and more youthful skin. A healthy dose of vitamins A, B, C and E combined with sultry bergamot, grape seed, grapefruit and polyphenols from red and green therapeutic teas further enhance this juicy potion’s antioxidant effects.

Like our all-natural beverage, the crème refreshingly covers your body with the benefits of ginkgo biloba, horsetail extract, calcium, foti, and aloe vera while quenching parched skin with coconut oil and glycerin. Serve your skin a healthy pour of more than 95% naturally derived, fine French ingredients. You and your skin will surely be A-Mused too.

Let Your Thirsty Skin Drink It In

3.38 fl. oz. 100ml

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