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AMOUR D'ORE Les Vitamines Pour Vous

GOLDEN LOVE Multi-Vitamin Oil for Face, Body and Hair

Softly enhance your beauty naturally. Rapidly absorbed, this exceptional all-in-one golden beauty treatment helps repair and nourish with a cocktail of precious oils as it protects with vitamin E. In one single gesture, skin feels soft and satin-smooth while hair is left silky, glossy and gorgeous! Spray Amour D'Ore liberally on arms, legs and the tops of your feet to refresh your skin's moisture level. Ideal for use before and after sunbathing or cleansing, keep a bottle of this handy mega-vitamin in your shower to quickly seal in moisture and prevent the unwanted cold lotion rubdown. Turn the water off and reach for Amour D'Ore, drench yourself in a silky mist, then lightly pat yourself dry. A quick dose all around will bathe you in a lustrous, yet completely dry, soft shine. In a matter of moments, you are ready to dress with no oily mess. Additionally, spray bare legs to dress them up before going out, and for normal to dry skin types, you may spray your face before applying your daily moisturizer. Sprayed lightly on hair to shield and protect from the harsh conditions of the outdoors, a light sunscreen protects and helps prolong your natural or salon-inspired hair color. Used all year round, and formulated to minimize the risk of allergic reactions, this product is as vital in winter as in summer.

Love Yourself.

3.38 fl. oz. 100ml

POWER Ingredients Below are the hard-working ingredients that make this product so powerful and beneficial for you.
Carotene Oil  
Refined Corn Germ Oil  
St.John's Wort Oil  
Apricot Kernel Oil  
Parsol MCX  
Sweet Almond Oil  
Wheat Germ (Refined) Oil  
Carrot Oil  
Tocopherol Acetate (Vitamin E)  
Borage Oil  

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V.I.P. Treatment:

Spray your dry and damaged locks liberally. Leave in for 20 minutes, and cleanse with Cheveux Heureux Shampoo as usual for a deeper, more restorative and nutritious conditioning effect.

Multi-vitamin, multi-purpose, multi-fabulous.

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