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TRAGIC MAGIC Skin Correcting/Calming Lotion

"Say it isn't so...this can't be happening to me!" How many times have you felt this way? Too many days to count? Not to fear. Tragic Magic has come to the rescue! It soothes, decongests, desensitizes, rebalances and stabilizes the flush of hyper-reactive skin. That's not all. It will also reinforce the protective barrier of your skin to ward off those pesky free radicals and save the day. Tragic Magic Rescue Crème is designed to correct the excessive sensitivity of the facial skin and restore equilibrium to the self-defending barrier of highly reactive skin. Immediately, the skin is calmed with lime, then desensitized and decongested by a blend of skin defenders. Jojoba, rose hips, calophyllum, soja and avocado insaponifiables protect and balance skin's defenses and, with the protection of vitamin E against cell-damaging free radicals, your skin can re-hydrate to regain a balanced moisture level. With an impressive show, these protective ingredients perform to present your skin with serenity and harmony. No smoke and mirrors with our Magic Trick. Peace in, Peace out.

Abra Cadrabr AAH!

1.01 fl. oz. 30ml

POWER Ingredients Below are the hard-working ingredients that make this product so powerful and beneficial for you.
Avocado Insaponifiables  
Calophyllum Oil  
Lime Extract  
Rose Hips Oil  
Soja Insaponifiables  
Vitamin E  

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AM/PM After thoroughly cleansing and toning the face, neck and décolleté, apply a layer of Tragic Magic to cover. Smooth using light, circular motions until the product is completely absorbed. A disappearing act that works undercover, the product may be applied to other areas of the body where reactions may occur. Do not use on open skin. If this product disagrees with your skin, discontinue use and rinse with water.

For a Professional Treatment:
Use Tragic Magic daily to stabilize and restore hyper-reactive skin.

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