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LES SORBET Advanced Ice Care Pour Le Visage

LES SORBET Advanced Care Iced Sérum for Face

Winning the prestigious Shecky's national beauty award at such an early age was just "ICING" on the gâteau for Les Sorbet!

Once you have experienced it, you too will realize why the beauty pros all think it is so très cool! This innovative solid wand is full of wonderful anti-aging superstars: marine elastin and collagen, organic muscle-relaxing vegetable peptides, hydrolyzed collagen to moisturize and protect, and a complex vegetable broth that soothes, revitalizes, regenerates, smoothes and stimulates.

You'll quickly adjust to the routine of applying this skin care straight from your freezer - this wonder sérum is frozen to preserve and magnify the efficacy of the formula's advantages. With each application you are protected from free radicals while the compound is working to regain the properties of a firm and glowing complexion. Upon contact, Les Sorbet will contract your fine facial muscles, providing exercise to firm and tone, rev up the circulation of your delicate circulatory system, encourage renewal of cell turnover and provide the flush of vibrancy.

Can be used on the face, neck and décolletage for outstanding treatment of the skin. This takes the phrase CHILL OUT to a whole new level!

1.01 fl. oz. 30ml

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