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LUXURIOUS LIPS Raspberry Moisturizing Lip Balm & Green Tea & Honey Nutrient Rich Hand Crème - Single

Luxe Hand Crème – Tarte D'Amande

This intoxicating hand crème leaves a soft veil of almond and coconut fragrance lingering on the skin. Beautifully absorbed, this special formula was developed to maintain the health, beauty and suppleness of your hands, while delighting your nose with a decadent aroma. This succulent recipe of nourishing and protecting sunflower, grape seed and jojoba oils combined with moisturizing and healing aloe, wheat proteins and natural sun filters develops into the perfect treat, anytime of the day. You'll never gain an ounce of fat, just one big serving of hydrating heaven! Luxe Hand Crème contains sun filters for UVA/UVB protection to maintain skin tone, while helping protect and keep hands soft, supple and younger looking.

Luxe Lips Framboise

Let the sheer spirit of LUXE LIPS – FRAMBOISE (raspberry) infuse you, arouse you and nurture you. It's a universally flattering and joyful color for every day – with a nothing "everyday" about it formulation. This beneficial lip balm created with coconut, sunflower and premiere pressed castor oils along with shea butter and beeswax, gently protects, nourishes and softens lips in every condition. A deliciously light, citrusy, natural passion fruit flavor delivers an exotic indulgence to your mouth with every use. This vitamin E infused anti-aging formula is worth its weight in gold! UV filters add extra protection to your luxe lips, so indulge often and with pleasure!

1 Tube
Lip Balm .05 fl. oz. 1.5ml,
Hand Crème 1.35 fl. oz. 40 ml

POWER Ingredients Below are the hard-working ingredients that make this product so powerful and beneficial for you.
Shea Butter  
Castor Seed Oil  
Sunflower Seed Oil  
Parsol MCX  
Uvinul M  
Coconut Oil  
Parsol 17  
Beeswax - French Bar Interchemistry  
Tocopherol Acetate (Vitamin E)  

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Apply both products as often as you wish. Massage hand crème into hands after every wash until completely absorbed. Apply a second, thin layer on top, paying extra attention to your wrists and joints.
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